Anonymous asked: Just wanted to inform about Luxum store on storenvy: they sell imitations of expensive clothes but they post pictures of the original ones, so you order one piece of clothing and you recieve another one made of cheaper materials, with visible differences in the fabric and the pattern.

That’s really no that different from most most wholesalers. They are just another taobao/ebay reseller tbh. Some of their stuff is marked up and you can find it on taobao, ebay, or aliexpress, but they all use designer stock photos are obviously they’re knock offs. This doesn’t mean they’re worthless or anything, but obviously they’re not as high quality as the originals. But the same can be said for spreepicky, dolly dynamite (except the things she hand makes), himi, etc. 

P.S. I’ll start up a queue again by Friday/Saturday and leave it going for a while. My schedule is getting more organized so I should be able to come back in a couple of days! ^^

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Hey everyone! I know I usually go away for a couple of days but it’s been almost a week this time and I want to apologize! The start of my new internship and my final semester (which I started today) have taken priority (plus I was trying to enjoy my final week of vacation before starting classes again).

I’ll start posting again in a few  days and taking care of some requests. Most of my classes are online so I’m trying to figure out my schedule right now since I’m not actually going to classes and I don’t want to miss any assignments, so gimme a couple of days to figure it all out and work the blog in there. :)

In the mean time, please check out my Similar Blogs post for other awesome people to follow if you’re having shopping withdrawals!


Gloomy Cafe’s Mini Giveaway!!

To celebrate the opening of my new Storenvy, Gloomy Cafe , I’m giving away four of my products to one lucky winner!

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   Anonymous asked: On mobile, you actually can't see it. It just says "ask me a question"

When I use the app it says the whole message (on android). Anyway I put it in my description too so no one can say they don’t see it at this point. >_>

Still getting requests though it’s pretty annoying lol

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star earrings - $3.33

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Since the pink one was one of my more popular posts, I thought I’d share this white one with you guys too.

Blouse with Contrasting Collar & Sleeves - $13.87 + free shipping

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